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Ok HERE WE GO!! Check out this crazy good lineup from locknfestival
It’s gonna be incredible… Maybe one of the last times we’ll see the Allman Bros. Who else? WILLIE, WILCO, TOM PETTY, FURTHUR, GARY CLARK JR., so many great shows this weekend.
LOCKNFESTIVAL.COM. Get your tix now before they go up in price come June!


raps-co: | Presents Beats Daily from Greenville, South Carolina !

Check out his new beats album, “Bombing Beats Daily” Click on the Image!

Bombing BeatsDaily, “Includes 20 free hip hop instrumental tracks for any artist to enjoy. The beat tape’s got that classic hip-hop feel, plenty of sampling from the 60’s and 70’s on there. Sampled many different genres including soul, jazz, and funk, there’s a little bit for everyone’s taste.  Released Aug. 9.

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